Convert Music LPs and Tapes to CDs Counterpoint

If you have LP records (or tapes) and would like to put them on CDs, then you may find some helpful information from my recent investigations on the subject. You will need an LP turntable that can be connected to your computer (RCA or USB connections), and the software for conversion (I tried several).

Some sources and guides searched and found on the Internet are:

1. Transferring LPs to CDR: Some advice.

2. My moments dancing with my USB turntable.

3. Editing audio in Roxio Easy Media Creator 8.

4. Creator 10 LP to CD Tutorial.

5. LP Tape Conversion pdf tutorial.

After the investigation, it turns out that I had everything available for making the LPs to CDs conversion. My turntable was suitable for direct connection to my WinXP computer using RCA speaker jacks. I had the Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 software, and used the “Roxio LP and Tape Assistant” to make LP music export tracks for later burning to a CD. I also used “Roxio Easy Audio CD” to burn the CD and to make labels. This turned out to be the easiest and most consistent method of all investigated and tried.

The following process is followed:

  1. Open Easy Media Creator 10 Suite to “Audio”, and then to “Convert LPs & Tapes.”
  2. Following the “Recording Setup Guide” for installation of hardware and connection to PC.
  3. #1 step-play loud part of record and set Auto audio level and record the music desired.

#2 step-set tag separators and cleanup between music tracks, add tag info, and use the cleanup noise, Enhance music, and Equalizer dependent on the sound performance desired.

#3 step-Burn CD or export tracks to a folder, after checking to add CD text (tags), or to maximize track volumes.

Click “finish” after burning the CD or exporting the tracks to a folder.

4. Open “Easy Audio CD”, click “add music”, click “cancel” if drive comes up, select the files to be added and burned on the CD (from the folder where exported).

5. Check that the tracks are in the correct order and burn the CD.

6. Make a label for the CD by clicking “Label Disc”.

7. #1 step-select “Type of Label” and then click “Next.”

#2 step-customize label if desired and then click “Next.”

#3 step-Print, Save, or “Edit in Label Creator.”

8. I edit in “Label Creator” by adding object (for text), place where desired, and Click “Print Label”.

9. Attach label to complete the LP to CD conversion.

Convert LP to CD video tutorial.