Global Weather Predictions

These are some Global Weather Predictions:

1. The Antarctic ice melt is a “canary in the coal mine” demonstrating dramatic global warming. However, more than 90 percent of Antarctica is getting colder and the Antarctic ice sheet as a whole is growing. However, the IPCC forecasts no net ice loss in Antarctica for the next century.
2. The Gulf Stream is likely to shut down, plunging the world into a renewed ice age. Climate scientists have seen no signs of this being realistic.
3. The alpine glacier atop Mt. Kilimanjaro is melting and global warming is to blame. However, it has been documented that a decrease in mountaintop precipitation, linked to deforestation at the base of the mountain is the cause of the receding glacier. The temperatures in the Kilimanjaro region have been declining rather than increasing.
4. The Sahara Desert southern section is expanding. However, it is reported that vegetation is reclaiming large barren expanses.
5. Himalayan glaciers are rapidly melting, threatening the water supply for millions of people. However, it is reported that Himalayan glaciers are as large as ever.
6. The Greenland ice sheet is disintegrating and will cause massive rise in the sea level. However, the IPCC estimates sea levels will rise only a foot the next century.
7. Global warming is causing alpine glaciers in Glacier National Park to recede. However, it is reported that local temperatures have been receding. It should be noted that the glaciers once covered the whole country that are now lost.
8. Antarctic glaciers are collapsing into the sea in dramatic display. However, it has been shown that his is a normal occurrence, which is due to the normal advance of the glacier. Also, the Antarctica has survived warm and cold events over the years.
9. Computer models have predicted global warming. However, it has been shown that computer models can’t reliably predict temperatures over the last 100 years, or even 20 years.
10. Out of 925 recent articles in peer-review scientific journals about global warming, there was no disagreement, 100% agreement among scientists. However, a Gallup Poll of North American climatologists showed that 83% didn’t believe the global warming theory. Today 4000 scientists have expressed their doubts about Global Warming.
11. Things were different in 1940-1970, when there was a global cooling. It was predicted that there was proof of a new Ice Age. However, today it is predicted for Global Warming.
12. Humanities CO2 contribution to the earths natural contribution is predicted to be about .5%. The uncertainty of the earth’s contribution is more than 20 times humanities contribution.