Networking Old Printers on WinME\98, WinXP Host Counterpoint


I have a HP Deskjet 720\722C printer that I am using as the network printer on a desktop WinXP host computer along with a client WinME desktop, and a WinXP wireless notebook computer. I have everything now operating properly on my wireless gateway home network, however it took some time and searching. Perhaps you are doing something similar and are having the same problems.


First, I assume everyone has the printer working on each computer when they are set up separately. That means that you are using workable, and hopefully, up to date drivers. The drivers should either be on the OS installation CDs are on updated downloads.


Next, I assume everyone has set up a computer network, has it working to the point of sharing an Internet connection and files, and that an older printer is being used. The problem comes in depending on which computer is used to share the printer. If it is put on the client WinME\98 computer there should be no problem. However, if it is put on the host WinXP computer there could be a problem, as I found (a usable driver can’t be found).


To use the host WinXP computer printer the WinME\98 client computer must install a printer using the “start\settings\printers\add printer\ADD Printer Wizard”. Following the “Add Printer Wizard” you enter “Next”\select “Network Printer” button\”Next”\ and then select your printer or “Have Disk”. It is at this point there becomes a problem, because if you are like me, you have nothing-even though you try and try and……..


You search the Internet looking for a driver. HP and everyone else explains nicely how to install the driver, except it never works. Then ask them how, and get onto forums. No one gives a solution. Finally is found, because all roads looking for drivers reach, even if it doesn’t appear so.Yep, they list the solution for just this case and others.You download the driver, and it doesn’t work. You ask them why it doesn’t work, and they state the only drivers are the ones as was mentioned above, and even HP doesn’t have any more-why do you want to get another driver? I explained that I can’t print from my WinME\98 client PC with the printer on the host WinXP PC. “So, buy another printer.” I pointed out, “The DriverGuide site, that I referenced above, infers that there is another driver for networks with different OS. What does that mean?”


I then researched the Internet for how others have resolved this problem. It was almost hopeless, as no one had this solution. Through persistence the solution was finally found-Networking the HP722C. Hope this has helpful.