This web site is in consideration of articles of interest for which there is a “Counterpoint” view. I generally start from the view point that an article should stand on facts and rules of its basis. I welcome your response to the subjects that arise, or might be presented.

As you will notice, I have started by searching articles from the “News Media”. Each article is scrutinized, based on whether it provides facts to back it up. It is quickly discovered whether there is a “Counterpoint” view. Since many “News Media” don’t share a view, then this “Counterpoint” viewpoint is missed. The “Counterpoint” web site, through the blog, presents that opportunity. At the beginning of every “Counterpoint” the source is identified. If possible, a contact site is listed below, so that these articles can be viewed for comparison of your judgement, and you can provide your own feedback.

At the present time our nation is divided on many fundamental principles, and rules of law. I too lean towards a viewpoint that is hopefully supported by the facts, history, and the rules of a higher law. There are many that stand by the rule of law, and others that profess that it should change to meet the circumstances. I tend to follow the “rule of law”.

It is the hope that this “Counterpoint” will give another source of reasoning and opinion. At this time the news media has tended to lean in one direction with little counter opinion presented. The blog has become a source for this “Counterpoint” from this web site. It is for this reason that this web site was envisioned. Hopefully, an understanding will be realized to overcome the division of our community. Many of us have been sold a bill of goods, and are embracing it with a vengeance without reason. It is hoped this “Counterpoint” helps to establish a reasoning.

Daffodils of Spring……

Dafffodils of Spring

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