Panorama Photos Counterpoint

Panorama photos are a way to extend the view of a photo opportunity so that a greater view may be obtained. These extended views have normally been considered horizontal (partial angle), but they can also be vertical, matrix (eg-2high x 2wide), 360 degree, and spherical. Many times this translates from an ordinary to a spectacular photo, and always shows more than what the normal camera can view.

Double-click one of the following for an example:

Horizontal (partial angle)



360 degrees

Spherical-see Rice University, Houston Texas, USA

My Panorama Site just started-for other examples

I’ve learned that it doesn’t take much equipment or software to get started with panorama photos. I have a Canon Powershot S45 digital camera and tripod, and several software programs:

PhotoVista V-2.0

EMC V-10 Photosuite Panorama Assistant

Canon Photostitch

Autostitch V-2.2

Photoshop Elements 3 “PhotoMerge”

MGI Photosuite 4 “Stitching”

Panorama Factory V-1.6

It has been found that no one program can be assured of making a good panorama photo from the set of photos taken. All of the above is older software, but some is better than newer software.

Another newer software I am now using is Panorama Studio 1.6 that gives good results in a short time.

For the partial angle and 360 degree panoramas a ptviewer.jar and ptviewer.class files are used for showing the panoramas on the web site. You should be able to see the source files. To view these panoramas on the internet your web browser must have the Java 6 add-on download.

Sites used for reference in learning are:

Autostitch  site.

Panorama Factory site.

Panoguide how to.

Panoramic Network-Panorama Stitchers.

Canon Photostitch Opinion

Stitching and Authoring Panoramas.

Panoguide product reviews

Gregwired Panosauurus Tripod Head

Hope that this might spark your interest or get you started with panorama photos.